Friday, November 30, 2012

This Is It

Let's go back to approx 12:30 pm today when I was at the eye doctor for my 2 year exam. I was bumped back two seats because when they tell you your appt. is at 12:30 at America's Best Eyeglasses and Contacts what they really mean is its first come first serve. So you could really show your blind tuckus up at anytime and have the same amount of wait. I was told that I am supposed to show up 20 mins early to do paper work. UH? You guys?! Paper work included my address and phone number. That is all. I guess if I had REALLY bad eyesight and had not yet seen an eye doctor ever, filling out the paper could have taken a few. But COME ON!
At 1:30 I am called into the room by a women who clearly hates her life. Her life as a sloth. Very much not in a hurry. Which is a great way to be, I am sure. I sit. She tells me to put my face against the bar, chin on the rest and look at the dot. Then, she shoots me in the eye with a "poof" of air. No warning. Just a "poof". They call it a "poof" which is a LIE. Its more like an empty nail gun is shot right in your face. Only in your eye! And I have had this done before but usually they tell you its coming. So the shooting me in the face with poofs takes a while because I keep blinking and the lady is getting SO MAD. You guys, she seriously hated my face!

Eye Lady: You know its really hard to get a reading with you blinking.

Me: Don't most people blink when things are shot into their eyeballs? 

Eye Lady: Well those people hold open their eyelids. 

Me: Oh! Why didn't you say so? 

Meanwhile I try to hold open my eyeball and it literally spazzes out. I have not experienced anything like it. Nor anything like this appt. I am simultaneously annoyed and amused. I wish you guys ALL could have been there.

Eye Lady: You are just making it worse. If I could just get one eye, that will have to work.


and then she says... and I am not kidding. She says to me:

"You know this is really harder on me than it is on you cause I have to focus on the dot the whole time!" 

Oh I am sorry. I didn't realize focusing on the dot without "poofs" is more difficult than focusing on the dot and being poofed. I feel bad. Here can I poof you? How can I make this easier for you?

This may come across as a really grouchy blog but I cannot tell you how WEIRD this appointment was. I am not really complaining. I secretly enjoy awkward and strange encounters. And I really hope the eye lady's day got better. I also hope she is enjoying telling this story to her friends too. Cause letsfaceit! She probably thought I was CURAZEY. Who knows? (do not answer that.)

Thank You for reading blog number 30. I will be taking a day or two off. But will be back soon.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Taking "Things" For Granted

Sometimes when I am moving about my life in the usual ways that people do, I get an overpowering sense of "wow, I am the luckiest person alive". It sort of feels like what I would imagine walking through an imaginary wall or a ghost (a happy ghost) would feel like. Oh, or I guess it could be like someone hitting you with an invisible newspaper. 
It JUST happened. I was cleaning up after dinner while K and Z finished up bath and I reached to unlock the garage door and BAM. Its like I see a really clear view of all the great "things" around me. Not that I am in the habit of hating everything around me but when I get into a rhythm I forget to be appreciative. 
In these "wake the heck up" moments I am reminded that I have everything I need and anything I think I need will either be provided or isn't really that crucial to my existence. That my friends is a GREAT and humbling reminder. 
And Yes, I bought a Power Ball ticket. And Yes, that is very contradictory to the message in this post. And No, I did not win. But I am OK with that and maybe will try my luck at the lottery in ten years or so. In the meantime I will continue my rich with love and experience lifestyle. 

In other thoughts, I am pretty excited to watch "The Deathly Hallows: Part Two" this evening. I am in love with the latest AFI album and sad I waited so long to give it a chance. And tomorrow I look forward to post #30 for this month. I wish I could promise that it will be an exciting conclusion to this LONG list of ramblings. But I cannot. 

listening to:

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Vision Quest

Today I received my five pairs of home try on frames from Warby Parker. If you haven't heard of them, Google it! In the meantime I will give you the low down.
Basically, you do a virtual shop online using your webcam. Based on that you choose your top 5 styles. Then you get them in the mail within a week. You keep the frames 5 days. You take them to work, to coffee with girlfriends and to your husband. All of which can weigh in with an opinion. Then, you send Warby your prescription and the frame you have selected and. WALA! They send you your new spectacles. Pretty radical. So... what do you guys think? My top three right now.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas Never Felt So Good

Does anyone remember last year after the holiday season Target had felt ornaments in an assortment of colors? And they were on SUPER clearance. Like ten cents a piece! That is that crazyness right? Or maybe its a crazyness that I bought at least a hundred of them? Ya, don't tell me. I know.
Anyhow, I had big plans to use all those felt ornaments this year in crafts. But who has time for crafts? You have to prioritize these things.  So I made a toddler friendly Christmas tree slash window dressing out of them. Well only about a forth of them. Yikes. I have SO many of these things! And while it looks a little tacky I put a lot of work into this. I mean, I cleaned the window for crying in the night! So even if you think I have gone off the deep end on this one don't tell me. K? Thanks.

In other news only three more blog posts after this one and I am donzo with NaBloPoMoZo. And while I love chatting with ya'll EVERYday, I feel like I need my space. Its not you its me. We can still be friends. Seriously though. Maybe if I don't post EVERYday my content will be more interesting. Mmmm...

Monday, November 26, 2012

Short Reads

I have recently read "Colorado Kid" by Stephen King and have been re-reading some short writings of Tom Robbins. My favorite Robbins short is called "The Day the Earth Spit Warthogs". Its his account of a tour he did in the Selour of Africa. Very vivid, great imagery, and SHORT!
Essays and short stories are perfect for a tired busy mom who enjoys reading. You know when you start a book and aren't immediately hooked? Like with most books that have any depth of character and plot. And then the rest of the 200 or so pages seem so daunting and eventually you close the selection and shelve it? Well I enjoy finishing books. I feel accomplished and satisfied afterwards. So its nice to read short works. Even better to read shorts by my favorite authors.
Next up is "Ten Little Indians" by Sherman Alexie, again.
What is everybody else reading?

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Everything Old

can be new again. Tonight I
speak of the fabulous toys my MIL has saved from when her kids were little! It is so cool that Z is playing with toys that were his daddy's!
I thought i would share a couple of my faves with you!

The wooden puzzles are so cool ! I am a huge fan of wooden toys and the pic below is only a handful of the puzzles that M gave Z to play with.

And today she gave us a box of plastic foods. Pizza, burgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob. The weirdest thing about the toy foods are that they are the only foods K likes as an adult. And another weirdness is Z knew how to ketchup his hotdog? Uh? How does he know that? I don't wanna know.  But, in the toy food box was a little plastic mixer. Like a lil' Kitchen Aid mixer! Oh my gosh cutest thing EVA!

I am really going to try and remember, even in my biggest purging moments, how neat it would be if Z's kids (or his neices and nephs) played with these toys in 30 years.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

When Babies Turn

I know. The title sounds like a horror movie about changelings under the full moon. But, if we are being honest (which we are) babies can resemble changelings. Okay. They are cuter than werewolves and other creatures of the night but babies really can turn on you. When you least expect it.
Today for instance. Z stopped laying in his crib and putting himself to sleep. Z has been putting himself to sleep in his crib for naps and bedtime for a long while. And this morning he stopped. Both naps required some tears and coercing. And tonight Z's poor Uncle has been reading to him for almost an hour while his poor father is on his knees next to the crib. I feel as though I should provide knee pads and lozenges but if "Mama" goes in there you can forget bedtime all together. So I will sip tea and blog and smell the bread I have baking while the men work. Back to the point though. Babies can turn.
They can be bubbling, giggling, bouncing baby boys and girls and then one day (cue scary movie soundtrack) THEY CHANGE. Z spent a lot of this morning whining and throwing his head back full force onto the floor. Then screaming cause, Ya that smarted a little. Then getting rocked. Then getting happy. Then repeat.
And while he is the cutest and my most favorite baby of all time. This is rough. Today was weird. And will tomorrow be different? Who knows? And is there a full moon? I think so. And do I liken my child to a lykan? Not usually, but tonight I did.

Friday, November 23, 2012

No Thoughts

The problem tonight is we are currently watching a movie SO BAD that I cannot even focus on the blog. It is so bad that I cannot look away. I think its "hope". Hope that the plot is going somewhere or that at any point it will cease to be terrible. The name, "El Gringo". I cannot recommend it. If something grand changes in my opinion and I can recommend it, I will let you know. Do not hold your breath.
We actually did a little shopping today. It was not my intention to shop. I was attempting to boycott the Black Friday sillyness.

Wait, Christian Slater just walked on the screen. MMMmmm, nope. Still awful.

Anyway, back to shopping. There was a good deal on a washer dryer combo. We needed a new washer dryer. Everything we own is shrinking and fading into an oblivion. So. We got our token door buster deal. Only we didn't do any busting of any doors. Pretty excited for new appliance. Does that make me lame? Uh, don't answer that.

Ok, so there is a cute dog in this movie that is supposed to be El Gringo's side kick but is not very good at it. That is the ONE thing this movie has going for it. Oh and Christian Slater is back.

After our shopping I came home and did projects and then my friend came over and we did a craft project that I will try and finish soon and if it doesn't look too terribly tacky I may take a pic and share. We made dinner which was delish.

Ok guys I think the plot may be thickening here and I should actually pay attention. Or go to sleep. Either way... Over and out!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Day

and I am spent! Full of food and love and family. But I might not be done eating. Oh! Gluttenous day of thanks. I actually once again have little to say. Just pics to share. We are watching "Order of the Phoenix" tonight. And possibly having more pie. Maybe...ssshhh don't tell.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Eve

Just doesn't have quite the same ring to it. Tomorrow is thanksgiving and I hope y'all have a great day no matter how you spend it.
Sharing a sneak peek at the blanket I am determined to finish this weekend.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Another Family Vacation Including Dogs, Snow, Fabric, Yarn and Espresso

All this wintery weather is making me want to take a mountain trip. K's bro works and lives at Mt. Hood. Two years ago when I was prego with Z we went and stayed at a cabin near Hood with K's Ma. It was super! I want to go again and ski and hot tub this time. I skipped those last time being pregs and all. I am NOT what you would call a skier so I thought the safest route was probably to stay indoors. But lets face it. Once I get up there and get all cold and wet in the snow I still will not really want to be skiing. But the idea is fun. And the lodge is REALLY fun. So maybe soon. But for now let's review some pics, eh?

The cabin was a nice mix of a secluded feel but near things. Things like restaurants and shopping. Plus it was really cute inside. And there were heads on the wall!!!


Something you should know about my MIL, K's Ma Z's Gma is SHE loves hot tubs and bath tubs. I think she would stayed in one or the other the whole time if there weren't dogs and snow nearby. Oh and her other son.

But you couldn't blame her could you? Cozy tub overlooking a forest and creek. 

But we did leave the cabin and went to the lodge everyday to see H, K's bro at work. He is ski patrol. We ate there, met friends, and the best part is we got to take Heidi the Mt. Hood St. Bernard puppy all around with us. She is BIG. And I presume she is even bigger now.

K, H and Heidi

One of the days, H took us snow shoeing. That was really fun. Again we brought dogs with us. And the views were incredible.

This is Kloshy. She belongs to H. She is absolutely one of my favorite dogs ever. So sweet and well behaved and pretty too!

This pup kept burying her snow balls. That was pretty funny. Even funnier than them trying to catch snowballs.

Sorry M but I had to share your snow angel making. It is crucial to this post.

The snow showing was awesome. So glad H was able to take us and provide shoes and dogs! We spent other moments shopping and eating and visiting. But my favorite was coming upon this little gem:

Why Hello there little shop of my three favorite things. I love you and I don't even have to enter your welcoming doors. Thank you for existing. 
Love, Lena

I actually didn't buy anything but this is so like the time a friend and I found a taco AND espresso stand all-in-one. Too Good To Be True! But, only it is. True. 

Aaaanyway, this was a great trip. I hope we can do it again even though I put the snow angel pic on? M? Still friends? Ok good. Yay for family trips!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Rainy Days

Its a wet one in ole McKown Town today. Lights are flickering, branches are falling and puddles are growing. All are forcing us to do a little winter prep. K turn the gas on for the fireplace and I checked flashlights. Last year there was an ice storm and the power went out for a lot of people in our area. We snuggled in the living room in front of the fire place to keep Z warm. This weather is a good reminder that now we have a lil McKown to keep safe and warm.
Speaking of little McKown, he was such a sport today. We had errands that couldn't wait for better weather so we got rather drenched running in and out of buildings. I put his little hood on and ran with him to and from car. Meanwhile, Z laughing hysterically!  He thought it was a game.
Tonight K and I watched "Big Miracle" after dinner. Its a movie based on a mission to save three trapped whales in the Alaskan ice. Let's just say the WA rain has got nothing on my tear ducts right now. You guys should watch the film if you haven't already.

Sunday, November 18, 2012


Today we are vegging out big time! Watching "Haven" (great syfy show) and drinking tea. I am snuggled under blankets feeling pretty relaxed. This day is pretty perfect!
I am currently trying to finish a crochet blanket to give to K and myself for christmas. Is that weird? Don't answer that.
Back to "Haven" though. The storyline is actually a Stephen King short story called "The Colorado Kid" spanned out into a series.  It's spooky and funny and I love the characters. If you don't mind some cheesy television, because there are def some cheeseball moments, you should check it!


The Hands on Children's Museum in Oly, WA is seriously the coolest place on earth for parents and toddlers. I know I told you before that IKEA is the coolest place on earth for us. Now, its a close 2nd. This museum recently moved and got a makeover. Lemetellya! It is a wonderland. You have to go.
We went this morning for the first time since the re-opening. The first thing you see to the right went you enter is an old fashioned truck like you would see in an orchard. Then, you round the corner and you are in an indoor orchard and garden and farmers market all in one! There are plastic veggies and fruits and baskets to collect them in. Its like heaven for our little guy who loves to make messes. There is a store to "buy" produce and a kitchen and grass on the floor. That is just the initial experience. YOU GUYS, ITS SO NEAT. There is no way I can describe everything and do it justice. So I have a few pics to share but then you are just going to have to go and see for yourself.

Z selling mussels at the farmers market.

Z loved these glowing jellyfish in the crawl space under a big ship.

This is a half oyster shell with padding and "pearls" inside in the 4 and younger play area. 

There are small discoveries for little hands everywhere. In the floor, in the walls and in the exhibits. 

Best room by far has a really tall ceiling with a giant fan. And on the wall there is this air pressure ball maze thingamajig. Its AWESOME!

We had never seen Z so excited about anything ever. We will be back probably every day for a while so chances are, I will see YOU there. 

Friday, November 16, 2012

NaBloPoMo Day 16

Tonight my friend asked me how I pronounce NaBloPoMo. I said "I don't!" And that's how I feel about my little personal blog challenge I am having against myself.
Apparently though my blog life means more to me than I let on. This is based on dream I had last night in which "McKown Town" was famous. So famous that a guy in Home Depot looked at me, pointed and shouted "McKown Town ". How funny is that? The best part is he was a blogger from one of my fave blogs called "Young House Love". Its a really cool blog of home improvement, marriage and just life in gen. And let's just say if the "Young House Love" peeps saw me anywhere they prob would not recognize me. Sad I know. But true.

So sorry but that is all I can say for today. We are about to go to the yule ball with Harry and his friends and I cannot miss the part of Hermione entering with Krum.


Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Grand Trip

I wanted to share with you guys a trip K and I took a few years back. It was pre-home, pre-marriage and pre-Z and we flew to Vegas for some friends' wedding. This was one of our favorite trips so far. I loved Vegas. I could see how you would get tired of it kind of quick but we were there for three nights and it was AWESOME.
We stayed at Ceasar's Palace. We received a room upgrade into a HUGE suite. It was sweet. Get it? Anyway, we could have hosted a party. Not sure how I scored it. It kind of just happened.
The wedding was SO fun. Our friends were married by Elvis and it was a really sweet ceremony. It was especially great being somewhere so crazy with a bunch of crazy friends.
So we did the usual stuff and saw the usual sites. We gambled a little. K is much better at it than I. You know the saying? Something about "playing with scared money"? Well, its so true.
But we did win big while we were there. A friend of mine works for a helicopter tour place and she got us a standby on a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon with a picnic lunch FOR FREE. That was one of the coolest things I have ever had happen so unexpectedly and I still owe her BIG.

We landed inside the canyon for lunch! This was our ride. No big deal. Oh and our pilot was from Randle, WA! That is like the neighbor of my hometown. Super small world.

This is Krista. We went to high school and a little college together. I hadn't seen her in years. My first time to Vegas was with her when we were still in high school. Her family brought me with them for her brother's wedding. That was a fun trip too!

I am thankful for this memory with these friends today! Here's to many more ( I am toasting with my earl grey tea). 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

He Ate The Chicken!

Well I must admit that posting everyday became really bothersome by the end of today. And I almost didn't. Main reason is I feel bad for you loyal readers obligated to read McKown Town. I promise when this NaBloPoMo challenge is over the content will be back to awesome status.

In the meantime, a late night recount of how I failed myself in parenting.

Before I became a mommy I had a long list if "I will never"s in regards to child rearing. So of course I have done almost all of them since Z was born. Nope, not gonna share all of them BUT the latest one needs sharing.
Z has stopped eating dinner. He eats other meals and snacks but dinner in McKown Town is like torture. Torture for all of us. Food spitting, drink throwing, head shaking, lips pursing, spoons turned into airplanes and choo choo trains. It's making me crazy. So crazy that, as Z was throwing his chicken strip bites onto the ground last night and as I was dipping my carrot into ranch, I caved. I swore Z would not dip things in ranch. I am not sure when I put my foot down on that? You should know that my foot was lifted. I did it. I ranched his chicken. He ate it. It was awful and glorious all at the same time.

The End

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Obsession Confession Part 2

Hey Everyone! I have found a REALLY super craft that I have been crafting and I cannot stop! Its SO cute and fun and well....
I want to show you terribly bad BUUUUuuut its more than likely going to be your christmas gift so I cannot.
But I will tell you that I can do it while watching "Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets".

OK. Gots to go. Lots of handmade goodness to create.

Here's a pic to get you through (and the best pic EVA I might add).

Monday, November 12, 2012

Obsession Confession

I LOVE Harry Potter. The books aaaand the movies. I want to wear my pj's all day and watch all eight movies and eat popcorn. I have seen them so many times. But that doesn't matter. So magical. So spooky. So funny. The only thing stopping me from doing that is Z. I could maybe get one in and not feel bad but if we don't get out a little while it isn't raining how else will he get his vitamin D?
Maybe one of you would like to babysit so I can indulge?
Nah, that's probably wrong too. Anyway, I was chatting with a friend who is going to Florida over Thanksgiving and WILL NOT be going to Universal to see Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, or any other super cool character. And to me that is totally weird. I do not get it. But she is not such a fan as I.
What I will probably settle for is talking K into watching them with me every night after Z goes to bed this week. And maybe at bedtime I will read HP to Z. Yes, that is what I will do.

Does anyone else have a silly little obsession like this. Maybe with Star Trek? Or puzzles? Or something? Anything?

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Open a Book and Out Comes...

a little sign from God or the Universe if you will. I believe them to be one and the same. But this is not a post about my theological ideas nor yours. Just a post about when cool stuff happens.

So it all started when I went to the bookcase to grab the Good Word to read to Z tonight. I thought after a week of Grimm Fairytales and Beatrix Potter he deserved some of the Good News. Now it could be debated that all three collections have an equal amount of negativity, weirdness and violence. However, only one of them was calling to me tonight.

I put Z in his crib with his stuffies, blankies and binkies (yes, multiple binks. DON'T JUDGE). I kissed him and sat down to start reading. I opened my bible (which has not been opened in years) and out fell a card. The card is from a friend who moved away a few years ago. The card read:
No amount of thank you's can ever make up for the joy I have had in being a part of your life. The experience has been truly nurturing on my soul. I wish you all the best in your life. You are and shall always remain my favorite.
I am not going to spill my guts about the things I have been struggling with the last few days but I needed to hear these exact words today.  Now, I am sure I remember getting this card but I cannot remember appreciating these words more than that moment. I read it aloud to Z. And started to thumb through the bible again with no real destination and found two photos and a folded piece of construction paper.

The pics were of a girl I counseled at a group home I worked for. She was 12 when I met her and 13 when I left the job. She had been abused and broken. I used to read to her every night till she fell asleep and then go home and cry because her story broke my heart. Totally forgot she gave me photos. Next, I open the paper. It was a letter from the girls at the home that they sent to me shortly after I quit. It read:
Lena We Miss You :( Come back to ussss! 
And they all had signed it. And there was a drawing of me done by one of the clients. Very flattering!

Ok so back to reading right? Well almost. There was one last little gift or sign or random thing stuck in a book if you will. This one was the cake topper!

I have only ever been to two funerals. I am not the kind of person you want at your funeral. I am an 8.0 or higher earthquake of emotion most of the time so you REALLY do not want to see me after a death. I attended the funeral of one of my favorite customers that patroned the coffee shop I used to work at. Darlene would come in everyday for a cup of coffee and a wally biscotti. She listened to all of our "problems" and gave sound advice. She was always there when we needed someone to talk to. She laughed all the time and sometimes cried with us. We were young confused  20 somethings and she an experienced wise lady. Darlene is one of my favorite people. At her funeral in the programs they put different quotes on cards. I got this one:

You must agree that was a really cool pile of memories that fell out of my bible unexpectedly. I wish ya'll a cool happening the next time you need one!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Mama's Mad

I just iBlogged a long narrative about my cat Spooky! In which I cleverly introduced you to our cat's many nicknames. It was a sweet and clever post and is now GONE! Because the Blogger ap I use is STUPID there is no longer a draft of "How I Became A Cat Person" in my post list! Arrrrggghhhh rrrrooooaaarrr!
Also, I now cannot access my pics. One of which was important to the original story. But now the story is iWorstapever.
Ok not that big of a deal. Dealt with much bigger problems. Unfortunately for you though, all you get is my angry rant. The gist if it all...I love my cat. I hate this ap.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday In McKown Town

Friday in our town is basically just like Saturday through Thursday. We don't make a big deal that its the weekend. Unless you count making a Costco list and staying up a little later.

Tonight for instance. We fed Z. Went to Lime Berry for some fro-yo. Which it turns out is NOT K's fave and I will probably only be going with girlfriends from now on. Came home. Fed Z some more. Put Z in PJ's. Read to Z. Brushed Z's teeth. Read to Z some more. From the Brothers Grimm Collection because what else do you read a small child? Certainly not Poo or Peter! Now he is asleep. I am getting a quick post in so that I do not give up on Day 9 of this NaBloPoMo challenge that is KILLING ME! Next we are going to make build-your-own nachos and watch a movie. And I know its unhealthy to eat nachos and eat passed 6pm but I am doing this! Plus I need something to get me through "21 Jumpstreet".

This edition...

Not this version...

Which is sad because lets face it Jonah and Channing got nothin' on Johnny!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Post A Day...

...keeps the ideas away!

I have a confession. I am trying to write a post a day through November. Its a blogger thing called NaBloPoMo. I wasn't going to tell you guys that this is what I am doing. I didn't want to advertise in case of failure. But, I need a shoulder to cry on. This is hard. Coming up with something interesting for people to read is not as easy as it looks.

So tonight you get to hear about the amazing dinner we had:

Apple Bacon BBQ Chicken in the Crock Pot

Roasted Squash, Yukons, Sweet Potatoes, Peppers and Onions

Corn Bread

Sparkling Cider

Uuuuummm first of all, this meal turned out way better than I expected. And I expected it to be pretty good. Second,  it doesn't get much more fall then Apples and Squash and Corn does it?

If you haven't tried the corn bread from Trader Joe's, you should. I tried a new trick with the roasted veggies. I used lemon juice and EVOO instead of balsalmic vinegar and the oil. The lemon adds a very light flavor in a heavy meal. I recommend trying it. 

Here is a Z pic. I wanted to share this one because he looks SO grown up and its kind of freaking me out.

Stop growing Z. Stop looking at me like that! I envision myself getting this look for the next 20 years. (sigh)

listening to: