Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Birthday Party; Birthday 1 Part 2

The birthday post extravaganza part 1 was a little sappy. True and meaningful, yet a lil' sappy. This post is all about Z's First Birthday party! We had such a fun day full of friends, family, and food. The "three F's" I call it (I actually have never said that but feel free to use it). Ya. Um. Okay. Lets just go right to photos before I embarrass myself, eh?

There were balloons!

.....and babies!

...and babies eating balloons.

Bubbles too! Babies Blowing Bubbles and Balloons and......


Birthday Banners!

I know I know this post is turning into a REALLY bad Jan and Stan Berenstein book. I will stop with the "Funny Family Friends Food and Fun with Babies eating Balloons and Blowing Bubbles under Birthday Banners".

There was some serious pool time.

And of course there was cake!

All in all it was a really fun day. We are so grateful to those who came. Z was showered in presents and we were all well fed. It was great having a house full of people and that kept me from tearing up all day. Time sure is flying by me since I had Z. I cannot believe how big he is.

Monday, October 8, 2012

You Complete Me; Birthday 1 Part 1

Excuse the cliche' originating from a Tom Cruise flick but this post is dedicated to my Z who recently turned one year old. And cliche' or no he really does complete who I am. He gives me purpose, a reason to be not just a good person but a GREAT one. And most of all he gives me the happiest feeling on earth!

Dear Z,

Lets begin one year and one month ago when you joined us in the breathing oxygen not in Utero form of yourself. WOWZA, Z you really know how to enter a party. After a couple days of uneventful labor, some heart stoppers (literally) and every intervention there is you greeted us. I am so glad to have met you!

So Handsome

In the first moment I saw you I was overcome with LOVE. What a powerful experience. Every time I see photos of the first weeks I am reminded of all the emotions. You are a gift! The best I have received. 

Proud Proud parents.

Not just us though. Grandmas and Grandpas and Great Grandmas and Grandpas all fell in love when they saw you. And they all are so proud to know you.

Aunties and Uncles came from far and wide to meet you. They were so glad they did!

You know Z, not many babies are born with best friends all ready in place to be there for them. But, you were! And here are a couple photos of your best buddies (although not all of them).

Z, I hope you can always look back and remember all the loving arms who welcomed you to this world and know that we will always be there in some form or another to welcome you with love. Thank You for loving us too!

With Love,

Dada, Mama and Kitty Kat

Monday, October 1, 2012


It really does feel so good to reunite with those you have lost touch with. September brought with it two wonderful weddings in which I spent time with people I rarely see or haven't seen in years. The two weddings were completely different in so many ways but both were a really great time. I left both with a warm feeling that you get after spedning a holiday with those you love. Good times people, good good times!

When I was growing up I knew the Chambers as a second family. Jim and my dad were best friends growing up and I call him Uncle Jim still. I lost touch with my little second family for a long time. But a few years back (thanks to facebook) Jim's daughter Kristi and I got back in touch and spent some time together. When I saw Uncle Jim for the first time in forever I was reminded of how much I missed them. It has been such a blessing to be in contact with  Uncle Jim, Kristi, Lee, Justin, Jason and Kathy. My heart is so full to have them back in our lives.

Kristi was married in September and it was a spectacular party. And the Chambers clan met Z for the first time. So fun!

Z and Uncle Jim at breakfast the day following the wedding. 

Z and Kristi (the bride). She was stunning!

The Bride and the McKowns! 

And I know its all about the bride but I LOVED my dress. I need more occasions so I can wear it again. Can I just wear it to the grocery? Sure. Why not? I also loved the dress I wore to the other September wedding but I don't have any pictures because I really really stink at remembering to take photos. Grrr. Worst blogger EVA!

I so wish we had pics of the other wedding we attended. My friend Angie was married to a super duper guy in our home town of Morton, WA. It was another REALLY fun party. The ceremony was so romantic. The most genuine I have seen yet. I saw friends from the old days and left so happy. But alas, no proof of this. Maybe I am in the backdrop of some random guests iPhone shot? 

I did find a picture of our Portland trip. We stood on the patio of our hotel and watched a fire boat dock. Z and K were FASCINATED. And Z didn't quite understand that he could not just reach out and grab it. 

Aaaand its October! Wow. And we still have to water the lawn. Weird. Its warm and sunny and NOT FALL here. However, that has not stopped me from getting the fall decor out of the attic and drinking pumpkin lattes.