Friday, January 25, 2013


I have to admit. That blogging everyday situation I was in in November really blew away any enthusiasm I had for blogging in December. And January. But, January is not over yet and I have decided to dip my toes in a little. Just a little. Its pretty cold. Not thinking I will do anything crazy. Like jump back in. But I thought I could throw a couple tidbits of McKown Town back out into the world wide web.

First, lets all give a moment to reflect on that whirlwind some of you call Christmas. I may rename it "The most stressful time of the year" (meant to be sung). Not trying to be cynical. Just honest. I was kind of grinchy by the end. For instance, taking down my decorations on Christmas. Gasp. But, being with friends and family over the holidays is always a wonderful time for which I am SO grateful. And who doesn't love a present or two?

You know who LOVED Christmas? This guy!

Well, Z did get a little overwhelmed by that ginormous* pile of presents. He tried to escape from the room of wrapping paper and people many a time. But we just kept making him open gifts. Mean I know. 

I hope everyone had a nice Holiday season. Now, lets hope for either some good ol' fashioned snow or for spring to come early! We want to play outside.

* I typed the word "ginormous" fully expecting to see a spell check red line underneath. I had no clue that this is a legitimate word. For those smarty pantsies who did know, great! For those who use the word and think they are making things up, its in the dictionary. Now I want you to know that I did assume it is a combination of gigantic and enormous, but really had never given it much thought. Aah the complexities of the English language.