Wednesday, September 19, 2012

By Popular Demand!

I am back. Ok, so it isn't because I have fans beating down the door but I have been getting a lot of flack for not posting. Its not like I live a glamorous busy life. There is A LOT of couch time in McKown Town, but I forget I am a blogger now. Luckily I have people reminding me that they want to read my blog. I have a problem (big problem) with follow through. I am constantly trying to work on it to make sure that I am finishing projects and going through with ideas. One of the reasons I wanted to blog was to help with my follow through issues. So I appreciate the bumps and nudges.

Summer was AWESOME! We had fabulous weather in the PNW. It really feels like we had a summer rather than sporadic days of sun between rain and clouds. The McKowns were quite adventurous. We took an overnight (2 nights!) trip to Portland. We gardened. We swam. We had parties and went to parties and play dates and day trips. My big kick off to summer fun was kayaking with Katie.

I also thought blogging could help me with my picture taking (or lack thereof).  I often miss photos of important days and events because I simply space on taking out the camera. So far I would say blogging only makes me even more regretful of missing photo ops. For example, we did a lot of really fun things this summer but I have very little proof. Z turned 1! We had a great party and I didn't take a picture. Don't judge. I haven't started the baby book either. DON'T JUDGE!

I could report all the fun I had this summer but without the pics, will you believe me? Probably not. So let's just say I went kayaking. It was fun. The end. 

Here are your Z pics since we all know that is why you really read McKown Town.

No raccoons were harmed while taking this picture! 

Can this kid be any cuter?

Thanks for stopping by. And thanks for the reminders that I have a blog. Hope ya'll had a really great summer and took lots of pictures to prove it!