Saturday, July 21, 2012

Book Review

Howdy! We have had some interesting thunderstorms, eh? I have never seen such an electrical weather phenomenon. I recently rediscovered the library. One should never forget that they have a local library with books and resources at their fingertips, but I did. I went and got a little over zealous and checked out four books. The lady looked at me and said "you want all these?" "Uh ya lady, and no I am not going to read them all obviously. You do see this baby here that I am wearing right? But I like the idea of reading all of them so here I go. thank you!"
 However, I did get through one of them. The title is "Cutting for Stone" by Abraham Verghese. You can read a summary on this book page online. It had been a while since a book sucked me in and held me hostage. I was finding myself wishing I was reading instead of playing wooden trains and making breakfast. So of course I thought it was amazing. Here is the thing. I am NOT recommending it to you. I have anxiety about recommending books to people for this reason: 
Nothing offends me in literature. Television? yes! Books, no. So I could tell everyone I know to read this book but what if they are disgusted by the medical graphic descriptions? What if the sexual references are too much? The violence? The sadness? The portrayel of women? I love when books touch on every emotion I have and leave me in turmoil about the nature of people. Some might be offended by the messages within the text. So to be safe I just don't tell people what to read. (Or at least not often) 

I will tell you I fell in love with every character in this book and when I got to the last page I was very sad it was over. 

Nothing else new on the McKown Town side of things. Its the weekend!!!! YEEHAW.

Here are some Z pics to tide you over:

Shirts vs. Skins

RAWR! (run for your lives, seriously) 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Catching Up

Geez Guys! Whereyabeen? Oh was me who was MIA again! Anyway, sorry about that. I was busy and sick and busy again and now we're back.
Where to begin? Lets start with a super fun club I joined. My friend Debbie and her friends are genius. They came up with a Ladies Supper Club. Why would anyone ever NOT be in supper club? There are no excuses not to. I don't know much about the rules, except you show up ready for anything. You eat. You talk with fellow women. You eat again. You eat dessert. My first supper club was last week. We went to a fun little Italian style place in the Proctor District of Tacoma. Europa was the name of the restaurant. Great atmosphere. Very slow service with such a big group (to be expected). There were 11 or 12 of us and one server. Price was good. Food was awesome! I had a salmon something with a cucumber something salsa. I know I am really selling it. But I cannot remember what it was called and it was in italian. Point is, GO THERE! And start a Supper Club with your friends. mmkay?

The Ladies of Supper Club. 
Picture taken by the chef who didn't really care if all our heads were in view. But you get the idea.

Last week I had my first little dessert catering gig! K's co-workers enjoy my baked goods. These morsels are not anything fancy but they love 'em.  I was so honored and had so much fun making everything and even more fun displaying it. Then, when I thought the fun was over...I got to create an invoice and get PAID. Whaaaaaa? Look out for my up and coming business, ya'll. (side note: I do not plan to go into business for real)

Anyone else hungry? Yaokay, lets switch gears to BABIES! Z and I had ourselves a couple of really great play dates last week. 


Z and Dutch.

"Oh hey man! Let me help you outta that thing."

Z and Ruby. 

Born four days apart. Love them!

This has barely skimmed the surface of what has been going down in McKown Town. We have been antiquing with Gma's and Great Gma's. We have been gardening. We watched the following feature films; Bridesmaids- very raunchy watch alone or with spouse only, Friends with Benefits- Cute movie but racy scenes do not watch with parents (or children)! Contraband- Gripping and a little sad but stars this guy... it has to be good. 

And of course we celebrated our Nations Independence Day by grilling and going to bed early. However, I did not sleep till 1 or so when the fireworks stopped. I seem to have a paranoid reaction to booms. I knew in my right mind that it was merely fireworks. But my crazy self had my imagination in the trenches of war. Nation under attack. UFO unleashes weapons of mass destruction on the PNW. Or some such nonsense. Seriously you guys, I have no finger nails left. My cat was braver than I was. WACKO! But my kid looked cute.

Hope ya'll had a great holiday! Thanks for stopping in.

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