Monday, April 30, 2012

Meal Planning: How It Went

Last week I planned out our dinners for the week. I did not plan lunch or breakfast. I have to say it went really well and we it forced me to be more creative and adventuresome. The best part? Not any of the produce I purchased went to waste in the refrigerator because there was a "plan" for all of it. Good stuff people!

Menu went as follows:
Monday- Shrimp with Chicken Sausage and Grits (ya'll gotta try it)
Tuesday- K had a meeting so I ate leftover Shrimp and Sausage
Wednesday- Pork Tenderloin with Orange Glaze, Wild Rice and Asparagus
Thursday- Fried Chicken and Edamame Succotash (crazy yum)
Friday- Papa Murphy's that friends brought over for what was one of the funniest nights of my life. Our laughter kept waking Z. I was snorting and getting jaw cramps. Very inappropriate jokes, each one topping the other in shock value. It was lovely.
Saturday- Fetuccine with Shrimp and Veggies
Sunday- Smoked Salmon on crackers with Veggie Snacks (this is one of our favorite meals, no cooking required)

We enjoyed all of it except the grits. I need to ask Gma for help with those. But everything else I would have again. Especially the taco pizza from Papa Murphy's!

Just for fun I have to share a cute adorable something with you.

Z's Gma, K's Ma bought Z this jacket. I am pretty sure I will have him in this all summer despite the furry lining and 80 degree weather.  It is one of the items I wish we had in every size from now to 18 years, but alas...

Hope Ya'll had a great Monday. Tonight I am listening to:

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Show and Tell

Wow! It is actually harder than I thought coming up with content for this blog. How does one keep it interesting? I know, steal other people's cool stuff and take it to the blog for show and tell! Here are some neat things that have come through my Reader or were introduced to me by friends. Enjoy!

Can someone please buy me this heart shaped umbrella? You can find it here: Buggy Trolly 
Thank You!

Fredo is a 20 year old artist from Chile. His 3-D drawings are unreal. Or should I say TOTALLY real? If he keeps up he may surpass Ecsher in my favorite artist list. 

My Sis in Law shared this with me. Watch and Weep!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Some Firsts

The weekends have been leaving me feeling more tired than a 70 hour work week waiting tables. Come Monday, I feel like I've been on a week long college binger (or so I've heard)! This weekend was especially crammed. 

Step aside fair goers. We have arrived.

Z's gpar's, AKA my parents insisted we join them at the Puyallup Spring Fair and I am so glad they did! I have no recollection of going to the fair and it was much better than expected. I recommend everyone hit it up with your tots! Much to his gma's dismay, Z was too young to ride ponies, ride the carousel or care about the petting zoo. But, he really likes watching other kids and getting carried around so for Z the fair was double awesome. 

This little curse word wouldn't stop eating so Z could pet him. I almost complained to management.

In other news, I am starting a veggie garden. It is itty bitty and that will only allow me to kill a small amount of vegetation rather than a crop size amount. I am not what one calls "green thumb". First, I plotted where the bed would lie with some sharp instruments such as a shovel, a rake, and a pick ax. Then, K built a box to fit.

As if starting a blog and a garden is not enough. I have decided to try meal planning. I spent some quality time with the cookbooks, made a grocery list and went shopping for the ingredients. The objective is to save money, save time, and eat better. Tonight we made shrimp with sausage and peppers with grits on the side. I have never eaten grits. Pretty sure I botched the h word out of those lil' hominy bits. Still, it was neat to try something new.

And I am spent. Have a restful night everybody.

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Operation "McKown Town" Go Live

disclaimer: the following is more along the lines of a mic check than a pilot episode of television or the roll out of a new website. The author apologizes for any boredom that ensues while reading. 

I have been  allowing my controlling neurotic side get the better of me and prevent me from setting this bird of a blog free. So today, I throw all caution to the wind and give you my first post. I predict it will be of little content. The urge to get rolling without perfecting layouts and testing all templates just hit me and will fade quickly. So, I pounced. Because, this is not about a perfect design. It is about having an outlet and sharing my life as a woman, a wife and a mom. As Lena. I present to you my first post on McKown Town. Thanks for stopping by. I will admit this feels a little like I am talking to myself in a big empty room. That feeling goes away, right?... Right? Hello? Anyone?