Monday, May 20, 2013

Crafty McCrafterson

Hey Ya'll! I bet you don't remember my teaser post about a craft I was working on before Christmas do ya? If I was a better blogger I would have followed up immediately after the holiday.
Anyhoo, I was really really excited to make and gift my new craft for some special ladies in my life.  Here are the pics of my creation.

These were really simple and REALLY fun to do. All you need is:
  • cute scrap fabric
  • embroidery thread, needle and hoop
  • a charm (I found these on Etsy)
  • creative ideas!
I cannot wait to make more of these. I think I may even make one for myself.

And because I know that 99.9% of the reason you check in with McKown Town is to see picks of the kiddo, here are some Z pics!

Easter with D and Z looking sweet for the cam.

Easter with D and Z, wrastlin'!

Z going to the library in his back pack.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Today Z woke from his nap before he was ready which meant some afternoon snugglin' for me. He occasionally will snooze a while longer in my arms if he is just sleepy enough. These moments are my favorite eva.

Monday, March 18, 2013

New Job

Or "yob" as I like to pronounce it. I am taking in an extra kiddo a few days a week. He is a friends baby. So really he feels like family anyway. And its pretty fun to have two running around (although Z is the only runner at this time). And I am sharing this because a: Its fun to share and b: I may have a lot of pics of Z with D and just wanted to introduce him.

Other than the yob, we are just plugging along, as per uzsh. I know what you are thinking. If we are just plugging along why haven't I updated the blog in forevs? My answer being that it was a really really dumb mistake to try and blog every day for a month when I am so new blogging. I burned myself out. I am trying to get back into it. I was enjoying blogging so much. Be patient with me. I'll be back in the saddle soon.

Something on my mind today, and the last few days is PAINT. Interior wall paint. UGH. So many choices. A whole rainbow of them so to speak. And I have to pick a few. I LOVE bright crazy colors but they scare K. And our house is very conventional both in design and decor. So I have to be careful about getting too crazay! But if anyone has any thoughts to share on interior color schemes, or resources they use...please share?

OK, D is here. Time to work. Pics later! Have a great day.

Friday, January 25, 2013


I have to admit. That blogging everyday situation I was in in November really blew away any enthusiasm I had for blogging in December. And January. But, January is not over yet and I have decided to dip my toes in a little. Just a little. Its pretty cold. Not thinking I will do anything crazy. Like jump back in. But I thought I could throw a couple tidbits of McKown Town back out into the world wide web.

First, lets all give a moment to reflect on that whirlwind some of you call Christmas. I may rename it "The most stressful time of the year" (meant to be sung). Not trying to be cynical. Just honest. I was kind of grinchy by the end. For instance, taking down my decorations on Christmas. Gasp. But, being with friends and family over the holidays is always a wonderful time for which I am SO grateful. And who doesn't love a present or two?

You know who LOVED Christmas? This guy!

Well, Z did get a little overwhelmed by that ginormous* pile of presents. He tried to escape from the room of wrapping paper and people many a time. But we just kept making him open gifts. Mean I know. 

I hope everyone had a nice Holiday season. Now, lets hope for either some good ol' fashioned snow or for spring to come early! We want to play outside.

* I typed the word "ginormous" fully expecting to see a spell check red line underneath. I had no clue that this is a legitimate word. For those smarty pantsies who did know, great! For those who use the word and think they are making things up, its in the dictionary. Now I want you to know that I did assume it is a combination of gigantic and enormous, but really had never given it much thought. Aah the complexities of the English language.