Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Oh Yeah, The Blog!

Many apologies for that hiatus I took from McKown Town. The truth is I found myself in a very low energy FUNK. Not the musical kind of funk. The funking funk. Funks are four letter words. And that was a big one. However, I have done a lot since we talked last. I gained and lost a hypothetical ten pounds (read on for my secret). Everything in the garden sprouted and then was quickly munched by a something (another four letter word). Z is full on mobile. Scooting all over and QUICKLY! No more "you sit right there and I am going to pee quicker than you can get on all fours". I saw Avengers! Plus much more.
So, the ten pounds I gained and lost. It started with one of my Mother's Day gifts. K gifted me an email recipe subscription with meal planning, grocery list and such. No, I was not offended and he prefaced the gift with a long speech about my new interest in meal plans and recipes and this did NOT mean I needed cook or shop unless it was something I wanted to do. It was very nice how conscious he was of the implications it could have had regarding gender roles. I was thrilled. When setting it up I had a lot of different options; low carb recipes, vegetarian, low fat, etc. I myself chose regular.
Lemmetellya! Regular must mean the 3500 calorie a day diet. These dinners all include cheese, beef and bread. Yes they are amazing but I had to limit it to three a week. Still with just three a week I feel extremely guilty. Ham Au Gratin, Pot Pie, Beef Skillet, Beef Pizza, Beef Beef Beef (grossed out yet?). Point is, I think we will see what the low fat or veggie lover version has to offer.
My "healthy" eating streak was encouraged by a Pampered Chef Party I attended. The host was a friend of mine who is truly a fantastically amazing chef. I have been trying to get her to start a blog for a year now. Which selfishly was in part so I could get some recipes and cook like her! But...oh yeah, the party. So she had a spread itellya. I should have taken pictures as I am not a talented enough writer to make you understand. You will just have to take my word. So pretty. So tasty. I consumed what felt like a Thanksgiving amount of hors d'ourves.
Really everything I have eaten is not important. It is how to lose the weight that is intriguing, right?

Best work out ever. And it lasts all day.

Our friends needed a babysitting favor. I was honored and of course said yes. It was a full day of babysitting. Which doesn't sound too crazy unless you already have one the same age. Admittedly, I was nervous. Can I handle two? How will this work? When will I pee? Well it just works out. And if you have a babe at home and have been nervous about sitting swaps with other mamas. Don't be. It is a butt kicker and super fun!

Meet Will. 6.5 months.

And despite jealous fits of rage when I rocked Will to sleep, Z had a great day too.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Why Everyone Should Know a 3rd Grader

Last week, Z and I went to K's mama's classroom to volunteer. She teaches 3rd grade. The class had made clay plates shaped like cupcakes for Mothers Day presents. I was in charge of bringing frosting and pastry bags to frost some mini cupcakes with the kids. I made pink, yellow and blue frosting ( I think about 6 pounds worth!)
Lemmetellya! If you ever have a chance to go volunteer or visit a classroom you gotta do it! Kids are hilarious. A room full of 8ish years olds is beyond hilarious. And the energy. Wholly cow Oly! What are you pumping into these kids. I have to get some. We had a great time. And the best part is how much they looove Z. They swoon over him. Boys and Girls alike. I heard so many "awe"s and "cute"s. Quote of the day was in regards to Z "I am paralyzed by cuteness". HA! I hear ya sista.
My MIL always has the class write "thank you" notes to me after I go help out. These are always so fun to read. This time the kids drew pictures for Z in addition! So of course I have to share.

Check out the firearm arm. And the ABC Patch. Hardcore!

Ice cream melting in the sun and a basket of eggs...

Umbrella Drink? Yes Please! (I think I am going to start writing the Z backwards. It'll be Bad Ace!)

Personal Fave! Going in Z's room. 

And just one of many sweet letters from the kiddos. 

So I couldn't share ALL of the letters and drawings with you. But they almost all made Z pics of bears with ice cream. Not counting the militia fire"arm" kid with triangle eyes. And they all thanked me for bringing Z. So CaaaUuuute!
My MIL did such a good job on the gifts! If you are a momma and you got a radical gift that your babe made at school (or in sunday school) remember to thank their teacher sometime. These were a lot of fun but a TON of work. I do not know many teachers who would complain if you didn't, but who doesn't like a "thank you"?

Yesterday I put Z in a bucket of water with a UV blocking swim hoodie (Baby Gap) and tons of SPF! We sunned and splashed. Cannot wait for more sunny days. Hope ya'll got out in the sun.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mothers Day Extravaganza

I have a new favorite holiday. You guessed it, MOTHER'S DAY! Its like your birthday but even more incredible. And did you know that sometimes people other than your spouse and kids celebrate your being a mom? Well they do. My dear friend took me and her mom to a performance of Beauty and the Beast put on by a local high school. Our Midwives hosted a picnic for their clients and babes on Saturday. The weather was perfect and they had salmon burgers.YUM! We visited my mom and she made US dinner and had gifts waiting for ME! Whaaaaa? I got to sleep in until 7:40 on Sunday (which sounds early for some but not us). K made me pancakes and coffee. He also gave me a gorgeous scarf, a card that made me cry happy sappy tears, and an email recipe subscription. Thank You! We did lunch at the Wooden Boat Festival with K's fam and family friends. Again, perfect weather. Then, we exchanged cards and gifts with K's Ma and Gma at their house. Oh and Z splashed in a fountain! I ended the day watering my garden and eating pie and ice cream (no, not simultaneously).



There is one thing about this weekend that has left me feeling disappointed. I hardly took any photos! As I write this post I am kicking myself. Oh well, I guess we will just have to have a "do over" next weekend.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Naps and Treasure Hunts

Good Morning! It has been a while. There were some mini breakdowns around this here McKown Town. Well, I was the only one breaking...but nonetheless I am back.
Nap time is a dirty dirty curse word in my world right now. On one hand it is the most amazing thing to see Z become more and more like little boy every day. The other hand wants to turn the knob and switch us all back to 5 months ago when we were sleeping 6-7 hour stretches and could be tricked into napping anywhere. Nowadays, I rock him. His eyes droop and he becomes jello in my arms. I whisper hush noises and gently, ever so gently try and lay him down. I hold my breath in suspense. Will he stay asleep? Is he actually asleep? I slowly pull my arms away and BAM. Eyes open! And the most terrifying scream I've heard all morning. Its the ultimate betrayal and I am so busted. Pick him up. Start over. This can happen multiple times in one nap attempt. Then, the frustration ensues. Its a twenty minute obsession to control this little mind. I will concur you, Z! In those moments the sweet little love of my life becomes my arch nemesis. Mama X vs Baby Magneto (yes, I make the baby the evil one).

I wish I could say I always win. This morning tho, our nap routine was successful and so I have time for coffee and a side of blog. I actually had a lot of fun stuff going on since last time but haven't gotten many photos. And despite losing my mind over naps I have had a little gently used retail therapy thanks to my wonderful husband! K hung out with Z Saturday morning so I could hit up the community yard sale at the the Thurston County Fairgrounds. There was basically a lot of yard sale junk and some antique vendors hidden among it all charging collector prices (no thanks). But, I did find this awesome wooden alphabet train set!

Magneto is awake now so we are going to start our day. Hope ya'll enjoy yours!

This morning was a Jolie Holland kind of morning.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Gardening With Z

Amazing! That is what you must be thinking about me gardening with a 8 month old. Well, you're right. I am AMAZING. But, gardening (or anything else) with a baby is really easy if you want to make it work. When I first had Z, I thought I would never get to do anything. Seriously, ANYTHING. However, as we go on as parents, K and I have enjoyed coming up with new ways to do what needs to be done and what we want to do while including Z. Drunken crazed binges are not what I had in mind boozers! Sheesh. You guys need help.
In all seriousness though, it is really easy to become overwhelmed by your new little house guest and not allow yourself to venture out. Z hated the car. He screamed bloody murder mary all the way to anywhere for the first 6 months of life. Talk about feeling trapped. Talk about a driving hazard. But the more frequent our trips, the less he cried. And now we have a great time in the car. I sing, he babbles.
Venturing out does not have to include a car ride though. If its not raining and you have an infant, strap on the baby carrier and head out doors. Sweep the porch. Rake some leaves. Pull a weed. Plant a flower. Feed the birds. They love it. So much to take in with their inquisitive little eyes.

Watch how we roll.

Z is in the Ergo Carrier. A better carrier for your back. Hence the name.

Remember: Safety first. Those are sensitive ears.

Put a Corgi on the job of babysitting while you get stuff done.

Z is very surprised at the amount of trim the Rhododendron is getting here. And yes people we know it isn't the time of year to cut back your Rhodies but we HATE this particular bush.

Not sure how things will be when Z no longer enjoys being worn. But for now we are lovin' life. 
Happy Gardening (or whatever)!

Listening to: Rainier Maria, Past Worn Searching